Dinner in the Vineyard

Cuisine Culture brings to you an extraordinary pottery + food dining experience from the Finger Lakes Region! Dinner in the Vineyard is Cuisine Culture’s annual primere event- all local whole foods served on handmade pottery and paired with local beverages!  Sign up for notifications below to receive information about the 2012 Dinner in the Vineyard.

Enjoy the slide show of the 2011 Dinner in the Vineyard: Inspire Moore Winery with food by Roots Cafe. Thank you artists: Kate Money, Kala Stein, Peter Pincus, Jill Bowser, Kathy Brien, John Brien, Vicki Hartman, and Matt Wurtenberg. Thank you all-mighty Volunteers! We look forward to dining with you again!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photographer: Lisa Barker

What is Dinner in the Vineyard? It is an all local sourced meal that is served on handmade dinnerware and paired with Finger Lakes wines. The local menu means that all food and all pottery comes from within our local food shed.

Do you like eating fresh, organic food? Do you enjoy handmade pottery and tableware? Do you try to support local businesses and food suppliers?

If you answered “yes” to all or any of these questions, or if you are curious and want to learn more about living a sustainable lifestyle and being more “local”, then Cuisine Culture: Dinner in the Vineyard is just right for you!

Cuisine Culture is a supreme culinary dining event to celebrate the bounty of the Finger Lakes Region through a local culinary experience using all local foods served on handmade pottery. Chefs, farmers, and artisans are collaborating to bring you an unforgettable dining experience where friends will be made and conversations will spark. Experience the pleasure of dining locally and sustainably! All of this is in hopes to connect people to their food sources and object makers to provide more options for a sustainable and local life style.

Enjoy “Vine-dining” and Dinner in the Vineyard!

Then…..the seating. We have designed the dinner experience to provide plenty of opportunity to meet new people, including the farmers and artists, who will all be sitting with you at the table.  After dinner, take something home with you! All of the pottery that was used for the dinner service and settings is available for purchase and can be paid for on the spot, wrapped and delivered to your car. This is a great way to take home a piece of the night, something that can be used over and over- a vehicle to deliver fresh local food to your tummy!

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